Kate Middleton’s ‘persuasive’ hand gesture is a sign of ‘inspirational leadership’Kate Mid

The couple have various interests in charities as well as their own charity, The Royal Foundation.

As Kate’s confidence has grown, she has her own interests and is patron to 19 organisations including hospitals, galleries and museums. 

Over the years, Kate has perfected the art of solo speeches and this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has transferred her skills to online.

She has appeared in many virtual videos this year, including announcing the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and her 5 Big Questions campaign video.

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This could suggest that the royal has become more confident with her speeches.

The expert explained: “She employs her signature hand clasp but when she opens her hands she performs a whole rally of Precision Gestures, touching the tip of her index finger and her thumb together and aiming the gesture at the camera. 

“This is a persuasive gesture of inspirational leadership.”

Kate can also be seen using hand gestures when attending the launch of her Hold Still photography campaign and when she announced the Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum.

The campaign, which looks into finding out what Britons think on the topic of early childhood saw over 400,000 people provide answers to Kate’s questions.

The Duchess appeared to take “ownership of her script…giving the impression the words are her own and that she is speaking from the heart, while her gestures display an air of authority and precise thinking that we haven’t seen in the future queen before,” according to Judi.

Although the body language expert previously revealed that Kate may have possibly been coached, she explained: “Overall, Kate manages to signal good levels of performer confidence. 

“Her shoulders and her breathing lack obvious signs of tension and her chin is raised to suggest authority and a lack of inhibitions in front of the camera.

 “Kate’s signature smile does put in an appearance but she also purses her lips together at the end of her sentences to imply authority. She uses her mouth in a variety of shapes to enunciate with emphasis and she even ‘bites’ into her words a few times.”

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