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North Korea is currently subject to a strict international sanctions regime, on account of its refusal to abandon its nuclear weapons programme. However, Kim has managed to find a loophole, enabling him to export 27 tons of fake eyelashes, eyebrows and beards to France and Belgium. The sanction busting scheme works by stamping “Made in China” on the illegal merchandise, before moving it through China and then on to Europe.

Researchers also found that the North Korean dictator managed to smuggle out more than 1,000 accordions – his favourite musical instrument.

At the same time, Kim uses the Chinese smuggling channels to import luxury items for his consumption.

Analysis of Chinese custom data shows that the Supreme Leader has managed to ship in as much as 74,047 litres of wine from South Africa, Germany, France and Italy.

The North Korean leader is renowned for his excessive drinking, smoking and eating habits.

He is rumoured to spend £100,000s every year just on alcohol, importing everything from Russian vodka to wine, champagne and cognac.

The personal chef to Kim’s father, Kenji Fujimoto, gave a rare insight into the extravagant and luxurious dining habits of the current Supreme Leader.

Mr Fujimoto was Kim Jong-Il’s long-serving personal sushi chef and claims he was Kim Jong-Un’s friend and playmate during their childhood and teenage years.

He recalled that the younger Kim has an affinity for sushi made with torro, the fatty part of the tuna, the same cut his father loved.

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A bottle of Cristal regularly sells for well over £80, with some larger formats going for more than £8,000.

Mr Fujimoto also said that he had witnessed Kim once drinking “10 bottles of Bordeaux” during a meal.

The Supreme Leader’s excessive eating and drinking habits have seen him pile on the weight in recent years.

Standing around 5ft 7ins and weighing 290lbs, the NHS’s BMI calculator gives him a rating of 46.1 – classifying him as severely obese.

Kim’s health has been seriously impacted by his unhealthy lifestyle and he is thought to suffer from gout, diabetes and heart disease.

In April, the North Korean dictator went missing for around 20 days, leading to rumours that he had died.

However, he resurfaced at the beginning of May, and was shown opening a fertilizer plant in Sunchon.

The cause of his disappearance is still a mystery, with a senior South Korean presidential official telling reporters last week that as far as they were aware, Kim had not undergone any medical treatment, including surgery.

The official said: “Our assessment is that (Kim) did not undergo surgery.”

Asked if media reports of Kim having undergone a simple medical treatment were also untrue, the official simply said: “Yes.”

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