Published On: Sat, May 2nd, 2020

Kim Jong-un’s poor health ‘will catch up with him’ soon unless he ‘dramatically changes’ | World | News

Professor Robert Kelly told Sky News that Kim Jong-un smokes and drinks a great deal as well as being overweight. Prof Kelly also stated that North Korea’s Supreme Leader has suffered from medical conditions such as hypertension and possibly gout. 

“He has had hypertension, we believe he has had gout.

“At some point, his very indulgent lifestyle will catch up with him and because North Korea is a monarchy that will raise questions of succession.

“Even if he is healthy now the issues that we are concerned about will pop up in the next five, ten, fifteen years unless he dramatically changes.”

Earlier this week  Professor Robert Kelly discussed the potential consequences of North Korea having to replace Kim Jong-un

“China doesn’t want a conflict here, they were concerned that Trump was going to start a conflict in 2017 and 2018.”

Prof Kelly continued: “That said if there is conflict over the succession and North Korea starts to come apart and you get generals fighting each other over turf, that would be a disaster for China.

“This is where you see these scenarios of the Chinese army moving into the north to secure new nuclear materials in case that would slip out of control.

“So my sense is that the Chinese are probably split on this.”

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