Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth nearly gets wiped out by TV monitor in gust of wind live on air | Politics | News

The shadow Health Secretary struggled to hold on to his umbrella as winds of up to 70mph blew during the interview. Jonathan Ashworth battled with the chaotic weather as a light almost fell him on. He quickly caught the light before it smashed on the ground.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Mr Ashworth said: “The equipment is falling over, the umbrella has gone.

“This is going to be one of those clips thats goes viral, no doubt.”

Twitter users were quick to comment on the events.

One wrote: “Jonathan Ashworth nearly getting wiped out by TV monitor in gust of wind.”

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Another added: “Wish Jonathan Ashworth on Sky News would fly off with that umbrella too.”

A third person said: “Jonathan Ashworth with the umbrella malfunction and nearly breaking the equipment. That’s cheered me up.”

The Labour MP hit out at “nonsensical” conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines.

He said there should be penalties for social media platforms which allow misinformation to spread, and he urged the Government to bring forward its Online Harms Bill.

Some of the “poison garbage” conspiracy theories on social media suggested that the vaccine is being developed by “big global business people who want to use it to insert microchips into people”, he said.

A Government spokesperson said: “Letting vaccine disinformation spread unchecked could cost British lives.

“We take this issue extremely seriously and have secured a major commitment from Facebook, Twitter and Google to tackle it by not profiting from such material, and by responding to flagged content more swiftly.

“We continue to work closely with social media firms to promote authoritative sources of information so people have access to vaccine facts not fiction.”

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