Lewis Hamilton backed over racism stance as F1 chief Ross Brawn vows to increase diversity | F1 | Sport

“The fact is Formula 1 is a very strong meritocracy, it should always be that way. It should always be the best who win – and we can’t force that. But we can give greater opportunity to minority and ethnic groups to get involved in motorsport. Not just driving, but engineering and other activities. That’s where we are with Formula 1.

“We support totally what Lewis has said. What happened was dreadful, it happens far too often, and I think we have seen the public reaction to it. It’s almost the straw that broke the camel’s back, and we support him totally.”

Brawn also confirmed F1 will make cash available to provide increased opportunities and ensure diversity will improve.

“That’s what we want to do with karting,” Brawn said. “That’s what we do with Formula 1 in Schools. We were due to have some W Series this year, unfortunately the pandemic has delayed that. So we are helping with these initiatives.

“We’ve got a lot of initiatives in terms of gender pay gap, and we’re looking at other pay gaps within our companies and making sure we’re doing everything we can. I think Formula 1 is helping and I think you will see with some of these karting initiatives we’ve been working on that that will be a great opportunity and Formula 1 will support it.”

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