Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

Live and Let Die: Did Paul McCartney write the Bond theme? Did it win an Oscar? | Music | Entertainment

“I just thought, ‘When you were younger you used to say that, but now you say this.'”

So, to answer the question on who wrote the theme song, it seems Paul McCartney was pretty much the main brain behind it.

This assertion is backed up by one of his former bandmates, Denny Seiwell.

In book Nobody Does It Better, a Bond history by Mark Altman and Edward Gross, Seiwell said: “Everybody thought it was cool that we were doing something for James Bond.

“I remember what Paul told us – he said a couple weeks before we did the actual recording, he said they wanted him to write the theme to the next James Bond movie, and they sent him the book to read.

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