Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

Lockdown wedding: How Suffolk couple refused to let coronavirus ruin their big day

Instead they got up at 2am and headed to the seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk to watch the sunrise together and exchanged rings in their own personal service. Mrs Barker said she would never forget the moment. She said: “I knew so many people and other brides who were meant to be getting married on Saturday.

“They said they were doing nothing and were just crying, we decided we had to make the most of a bad situation.

“We had to get up at 2am and went at sunrise as it was an unsociable hour and we were following the guidelines.

“I jumped into my dress and walked to the beach.

“We watched the sun coming up and had a flask of tea.”

She added: “My husband had no idea my parents were going to be there.

“I am not usually good at keeping things a secret.

“My dad’s my hero as when I asked who is going to read my vows, he said he would.

“He had a heart attack when he was 47 and he’s in his 60s now – to have him still with us is incredible.

“We had tears, I was crying and my mum was crying – it could not have been more perfect.

“I gave my parents jars of candles and gave them our rings.

“It was so romantic, it was so intimate.”

Mobile hairdresser Mrs Barker had to improvise and made her wedding dress out of a £1 duvet from a scrap store and Ben, who works as a jointer for the UK Power Network, ordered a tuxedo T-shirt for their special day.

Her mother Yvonne Feekery made a head dress and bracelet out of the plants in her garden to mark the day.

The couple, who live in Haverhill in Suffolk, celebrated ten years together yesterday with a romantic picnic.

Mrs Barker said: “I only started sewing this year, I adapted a pattern.

“The dress was made out of a £1 duvet.

“We are spending thousands of pounds on a wedding that might not even happen, we postponed it to August and that might not happen.

“I wished we had planned this in the first place, it was brilliant.”

She said they enjoyed socially distanced celebrations with her parents and had a photographer there for five to 10 minutes to capture the occasion.

Her mother also gave them a “wedding cake” and scones, which they shared over the fence with their neighbours, who had left prosecco on the doorstep, before enjoying a barbecue alone together.

They also listened to the music played especially for them from their neighbour’s Disco Kitchen.

She shared the celebration on the social media site Facebook on the Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas page and had thousands of people like the images within hours.

“I put the pictures on Facebook and everyone has applauded us,” she added.

“We had 13,000 reactions, that’s really heartfelt.”

Mr Barker said that he wished during their wedding planning that they had been able to have had such a ceremony.

“I would love to have a beach wedding in hindsight,” he said.

“It was a nice uplift, instead of being trapped inside.

“It was a lot more personal, it was lovely, it was really great.”

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