Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

London lockdown: Boris plans huge coronavirus closures with announcement possible TODAY | UK | News

Despite a raft of possible closurers, No10 sources today indicated a full-scale lockdown of the size seen in cities across Europe is still unlikely.

Cities across northern Italy, as well as European capitals including Brussels, are in full lock-down, with movement restricted. 

While non-essential services in London such as bars, restaurants and cafes could close, there will be no restrictions on people leaving their homes, sources indicated. 

The city’s travel network is expected to also remain open, albeit on a skeletal service. The Tube is expected to close 40 non-essential stations as early as today.

Travel in and out of the city will also be unaffected, Government sources said this lunchtime. 

Purposeful or reckless spreaders of the disease, however, could also be detained under new powers. 

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