Published On: Fri, Apr 2nd, 2021

Louis Theroux’s next documentary could focus on Elon Musk – ‘he’d be into it’ | World | News

The academy award-winning filmmaker is famous for his genre-defining insights into controversial and complex topics and people. Speaking to LADbible, Theroux said he wanted to make a documentary focusing on the SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO.

“Never say never, right?” said Mr Theroux, “He went on Joe Rogan’s podcast.”

Mr Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is one of the world’s most popular, with each release garnering millions of views per episode.

Elon Musk has spoken on the Joe Rogan Podcast three times with his latest appearance in February 2021.

His two prior appearances in 2018 and 2020 received 45 million and 21 million views on YouTube respectively.

“What I like about Elon Musk is that he’s beholden to no one,” said Mr Theroux.

“I mean, if he happens to listen to Grounded and thinks, ‘Hey, that’s a cool podcast series’, then why not?’

“We’re a similar age, I think he might be a couple of years younger. So I could imagine a world in which he’d be into it.”

Mr Theroux’s latest documentary, released during lockdown, takes a self-reflective look at his past works and gives viewers access to exclusive behind the scenes interviews and never-before-seen clips.

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“If you read about him, he’s putting people in space; he made his millions out of electric cars – I guess that’s not too weird; by mass marketing flame throwers that you could mail order online; and then building tunnels under Los Angeles so people could get places quicker.

“And now he’s moving into brain implants, so you can phone people by blinking an eye. Kind of turning us into cyborgs.”

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