Macron chaos: Riots erupt on streets of Paris in fourth night of brutal unrest in France | World | News

Riots have broken out across suburbs of Paris following tense stand-offs between locals and police. In a fourth night of unrest, fireworks were aimed at riot police and rubbish bins were set alight. French President Macron says the situation is being monitored but has described the unrest as “still low intensity”.

The heavy police presence on the streets to enforce lockdown measures has inflamed long-standing tensions between locals and the authorities.

The unrest began on Saturday when a police officer was accused of deliberately injuring a local motorcyclist.

Authorities are concerned the situation could escalate.

Euronews International Correspondent Anelise Borges noted the coronavirus lockdown was exacerbating tensions.

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She told viewers: “It is a serious situation.

“French President Emmanuel Macron is said to be monitoring things himself.

“I spoke to a local elected official a few moments ago.

“He told me he got a few calls from the Élysée Palace to check on how authorities here in the suburbs are coping.”

The International Correspondent added: “Local officials are pleading for calm. I spoke to the mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois and asked him for his take on what’s been happening in the suburbs.”

Mayor Claude Dilain told Euronews: “Violence is never the answer. I can understand the anger, I can understand the mobilisation.

“But when we vandalise our neighbour’s car or the trash cans of our building or, like I saw the other night, a school, it’s unbearable and unacceptable.

“We have the right to the angry. When there’s an accident, justice must be done.

“We need to give justice time to play out but violence is not the way forward.”

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