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As energy bills are on the rise, getting someone else’s bill is less than ideal. On Rip Off Britain this evening, Dave Spragg explained his situation. “It’s absolutely crazy,” he said.

Dave was receiving energy bills from a company he was not even signed up with.

He was confused after receiving a letter, which welcomed his family to their new home, however as he had lived in his house for 20 years.

To clear up the mess, he called the energy firm to tell them about their error but it proved difficult for him to get in touch with them.

He just wanted to inform them that they had his address mixed up with someone else and he was not one of their customers.

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After months of trying to get through, the bills kept coming and the debt kept increasing.

Mr Spragg said: “Depending on which letter you believe, it’s a little short of £3,000”.

Speaking about his mental state, he said: “We are trying to run our own business.

“We have elderly relatives that we are trying to take care of and we don’t need this extra stress.”


Energy consultancy Auxilione warned that the Government’s price cap, which sets bills for more than 20 million households, could be increased further than previously expected.

It said that between October and December the price cap is likely to be £3,488 per year for the average household.

Energy bills are currently capped at £1,971 which is already a record high.

But from January the price will soar by another £500, hitting £3,994, research from the company showed.

Auxilione’s forecast comes less than a day after analysts at Investec forecast that October’s price cap will be £3,523, with bills rising to an eye-watering £4,210 in January.

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