Mark Drakeford grilled over failure to meet ‘tiny’ test target – ‘What’s gone wrong?’ | UK | News

Mark Drakeford was forced to admit Wales‘ struggles to fight against coronavirus when he spoke to Radio 4‘s Today show. The Welsh First Minister told the BBC that his country had capacity to test about 5000 people and they have been testing about 2000 a day. Host Justin Webb branded the number “pretty tiny” as he went on to expose the full extent of the target failure.

He asked: “What’s gone wrong there? You had a target of 8000 by April 7 way back.

“You’re obviously way off meeting that. Is it that you can’t get the kits? What’s happened?”

Mr Drakeford told him: “There are a number of reasons. We were relying on the import of machinery and kit from overseas.

“Some of which has now arrived, but much later than we had expected.”

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He continued: “As the virus has developed, so has our approach to testing.

“I always say, it’s not just the number of tests, it’s the use that you make of them that is important.”

Mr Webb cut in to ask if Wales was therefore testing people who are asymptomatic in care homes.

According to many care home professionals, this practice is still not being undertaken in England.

The Welsh First Minister added: “It’s our policy and it is being implemented.

“I don’t want to say today that I could give people a guarantee that it’s happening absolutely everywhere in absolutely every instance.

“But it is our policy and we’re doing more and more of it.

“We tested well over 1000 care home residents and 1000 care home staff last week.

“Those are the highest numbers we’ve ever achieved. Our clear message to the system is that we have capacity and we need to use it.”

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