Martin Brundle urges Ferrari to ‘get real’ on budget cap as F1 giants compared to Man Utd | F1 | Sport

Martin Brundle has urged Ferrari to “get real” and accept a tighter budget cap is required to safeguard the long-term future of F1. Ferrari are among the teams understood to be reluctant to put a strict limit on how much they can splash out on their F1 operations.

Team principal Mattia Binotto has called for two tiers of teams to be considered – manufacturers and customers.

Ferrari would fall into the first bracket as they design and produce their cars from scratch, while the likes of Racing Point would be in the second as they buy in parts of their cars.

“So when discussing a budget cap we must not forget we have different situations, and it’s important we found a common ground which is suited to the different situations and maybe the answer is not a single budget cap equal for all the teams,” Binotto said.

F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn is in favour of bringing in a budget cap lower than the £140m ($175m) limit which was meant to be imposed in 2021 and this week outlined plans to push ahead with talks amid the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

McLaren chief executive Zak Brown, meanwhile, is one of the biggest advocates of capping spending and has the backing of most of the F1 grid.

Former F1 driver Brundle has now urged Ferrari to rethink their stance on the budget cap, which he says would stop more monied teams having a disproportionate advantage over their rivals.

And he says financial measures would be good for the future of F1, in terms of keeping current teams and their thousands of employees in the sport.

“First of all, [F1 have] got to take the decision-making process out of the hands of people who’ve got a competitive advantage and want to maintain that,” Brundle told Sky Sports F1, when asked about how the future of F1 may pan out in light of Binotto’s comments.

“The how and the why to doing that… they’re working for their teams so that’s always the position they’re going to take.

“And they need to get real here, because there’s a real peril. We need to give the board of Mercedes, the board of Renault, Honda and other companies easy justification that staying in Formula 1 is good value and it’s going to come under control budget wise.

“You can do a ‘wow’ job for £100m. Just look at Williams and Racing Point, for example. It looks ‘wow’. It doesn’t look ‘wow’ when you look at the stop watch because other people are spending three or four times that amount of money.

“It’s like giving Manchester United smaller goal posts against some of the other teams. We need to level that up and we need to get real.

“If it means de-staffing – which I’m really sad about – [but] what would be far worse than that is if teams start falling over and disappearing then we’ve really got a lot of people out in a market that will massively contract.

“We’ve got to do the right things now and think about the longer-term future of Formula 1 and get this sorted out.

“All of the people on the board of or going to the boards of these companies have got to have an easy justification. ‘Let’s stick with Formula 1 because it has worked’. As Ross [Brawn] said, it worked brilliantly for Mercedes-Benz.

“It creates a lot of marketing, a lot of opportunity, but not if the whole thing falls over and teams pull out.”

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