Martin Lewis warning: Expert’s urgent Topshop advice for customers with gift vouchers

“We live in Northern Ireland and she purchased them the day before we went into the current two week circuit breaker.

“Shops are now closed so she can’t go back in for a refund. Will she be able to get her money back if the group collapses?”

Martin explained shoppers can still use gift cards for Topshop purchases.

However, he revealed they can only be used to cover 50 percent of the total selling cost.


Martin said: “What’s happened with Topshop is it’s gone into administration and technically they don’t have to honour your gift vouchers at all in that scenario.

“What they have said though is you can use your gift vouchers towards 50 percent of a purchase.

“Let’s say you’ve got a £10 gift voucher, you can’t just go in and buy something for £10 but you could buy something for £20 and use your £10 gift voucher towards it.

“It can only be used on up to half a purchase which is actually more generous than [the administrators] need to be.”

“I’d spend it in store because if you order online and something were to change, then you would become accredited to the company.

“At least if you buy in store you’ve got the tangible goods in your hand.”

Gift vouchers can be a popular present option but Martin gave a warning to anyone thinking of buying a voucher.

He added: “For the past 10 years I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to tell people that gift vouchers are not safe.

“Be very careful and do not buy gift vouchers, especially during a struggling time.”

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