Published On: Fri, Jan 21st, 2022

Meat Loaf: Musician jokingly refused one ridiculous rebrand | Music | Entertainment

Instead, they pushed for the name Veg Loaf, but it was something he couldn’t consider. “When Frankie & Benny’s first approached me to rebrand to Veg Loaf I said no way in hell – I won’t do that.” (via. The Daily Star).

The musician did still press the importance of the month though, adding: “I’d do anything for our planet and dropping meat for veg, even for just one day a week, can make a huge difference.”

As part of his partnership with the company, Frankie & Benny’s released a tongue-in-cheek advert that joked about the idea. After its release, Elise Ash, director of strategy and brand at Frankie & Benny’s, said: “We wanted to encourage diners to swap meat for veg this January, so who better to sign up than one of the most recognised artists on the planet.”

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