Published On: Fri, Aug 21st, 2020

Meghan Markle and Harry: ‘Staged’ element to new photos exposed by body language expert

While Harry seems to enjoy the physical work, Meghan’s approach is “more maternal”, Judi explained.

She said: “Meghan adopts a more maternal-looking stance, getting up-close to the people she is helping and even kneeling to attend to a small boy’s back-pack.

“Her eye-smile is visible above the mask though as she bends close to a car window to hand in parcels.”

According to Judi, Harry seemed to be in his element as he immersed himself in the task at hand.

She said: “In many ways, this is Harry back to doing what he does best and what he always appeared to enjoy the most: throwing himself into charity work that is active, hands-on and with scope to use his humour to cheer people up.

“He’s splayed and energetic here, either passing supplies down with one foot on the kerb or pulling a huge thumbs-up gesture to make the recipients grin.”

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