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Meghan Markle body language: Duchess used ‘techniques’ to appear more ‘natural’ like Kate

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, 35, made their last official appearance alongside the Royal Family as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Monday, and now Meghan has reportedly flown back to Canada to reunite with her 10-month-old son, Archie Harrison. During her week of being in the UK, the Duchess of Sussex used these body language techniques to appear more naturally “approachable” and “down-to-earth” like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

According to body language expert, Judi James, Meghan Markle has used “many techniques” to appear “natural and down-to-earth” when being out in public on her recent appearances in London, something that comes easy to Kate Middleton. What else did Judi say?

“Both royal and celebrity status-signals can be complex and both Meghan and Kate are equally skilled when it comes to flipping between high status and more natural, accessible signalling,” Judi said.

She explained: “The traditional royal style is to use symbols, space and a regal bearing to signal power, while for A-list celebrities its often more about glamour and glitz.”

According to the expert, Kate Middleton can appear regal and relatable with ease, Judi said: “Kate can do the regal look with ease, sporting a mean tiara and looking born to wear the kind of formal styling we saw at the Commonwealth ceremony, but on the flip side, Kate is always the first to bend down as she chats to children in the crowds and to pull on her favourite boots and jeans to compete with her husband in any sporting evens they’re asked to take part in on visits.

“Her pitch-perfect royal smile will convert to outbursts of genuine, fun and laughter (complete with dimpled smiles) and despite the trappings of royal status she always manages to look like someone approachable and possibly down-to-earth.

“As we saw Kate grow from an ordinary, non-royal girl to future queen the sense of approachability has always been implied,” she added.

On the other hand, according to the expert, Meghan has had to use “many techniques” to show “a natural and down-to-earth” approach when dealing with the British public to appear relatable, as her status as a “fully-formed star” has often left people in “awe” of her.

She explained: “Happily showing her love for husband in some openly tactile behaviour and communicating in interviews and during speeches in a way that Kate rarely did, but she arrived in the UK as a fully-formed star and celebrity in her own right, and this has always made her seem a bit special in a very different way that could make people in awe of her.

“In many ways Meghan always showed signs of the kind of magic that Diana could produce with the public, using direct eye-glances and tie-signs to the camera to suggest humour and accessibility and being hugely tactile, not just with her husband but with the crowds too.

“She often dressed in the kind of tailoring or casual clothes that women could identify with rather than gasp at and she had an air of spontaneity that was hugely refreshing,” she added.

However, according to Judi on Meghan’s last appearance the Duchess of Sussex’ body language was more similar to Kate’s, she said: “On this latest and last trip though her signal blending might just have become more similar to Kate’s.

“Like Kate, Meghan seems to have moved out of the ‘royal wife’ role and looked happier appearing as an individual appearing as herself.

“Her formal outfits have been show-stopping and statuesque and she has taken what has looked like a similar role to Kate with her husband, i.e. looking like the one keen to display the sociability signals in the face of the royal sibling rift.

“Both women used almost identical body language as they chatted to the crowds and the small children outside the Abbey, moving from a look of more traditional elegance to warmth and accessibility with ease, although Meghan’s animated and tactile chats with guests like Anthony Joshua and Craig David showed her own personal trait of the ability to show genuine interest and engagement with everyone she is introduced to.”

Although Meghan has now reportedly returned to Canada, Prince Harry has remained in the UK to contend working his cause including the military, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The Duke was at Buckingham Palace for meetings to plan his UK workload in the coming months, as his wife dashed back to Vancouver Island to be with their firstborn.

Reports have said that Meghan shed a “tear” over saying “emotional” goodbyes to royal staff.

Bidding farewell to the loyal aides who have served the Sussexes was said to be “bittersweet” for the Duchess.

But before returning to Canada, she reportedly attended a morning meeting with her patronages and a family event in the afternoon.

The Sussexes’ last public event alongside the Royal Family was a Commonwealth Ceremony at Westminster Abbey

The strained appearance saw Harry barely raising a smile, as he set pensively through the proceedings.

There was also rumours of a rift between the Sussexes and senior royal members after they were omitted from the order of service.

The engagement was said to be the grand finale of their “farewell” tour before they emigrate to Canada to become “financially independent.”

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