Published On: Tue, Apr 7th, 2020

Meghan Markle news: Meghan and Prince Harry could struggle to pay for security soon | Royal | News

According to a royal expert, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s current lifestyle could be highly impacted by the current coronavirus crisis. The estimated cost of the privately funded security services is £4million.

The royal couple could struggle to afford the large sum now that they do not have a source of regular income, according to Omid Scobie.

Speaking on the Heir Pod podcast, the royal expert said the pandemic is likely interrupting the couples’ commercial plans.

He said: “They have spent the last few years not earning a living. As a royal, your expenses are covered but you don’t earn a salary. It will be very tough for them especially in the few months ahead.

“No-one knows when there is an end date to this. This could follow us for some time.

“For Harry and Meghan, on top of the difficulties they have had with the press, there has been this underlying issue of who pays for security moving forward.

“It is something the couple were very conscious of – that from March 31st it would have to be done by themselves.

“They didn’t want to leave themselves open to further attacks.”

CTV’s Laney Lui said: “Security is not cheap. For them, you are dealing with multiple personnel and round-the-clock at that. You have to also account for that and travel and other expenses.”

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Last week, the Daily Mail reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had agreed to fund their own security.

Prince Charles will continue to personally fund his son and daughter-in-law for the first year of their new life.

It is understood that Prince Charles’ contribution will not pay for the couple’s security.

A Sussex spokesman said: “Security costs are being personally covered by the couple.”

A source said: “The Prince of Wales supports them privately but the duke and duchess also have their own money.

“They are paying for this themselves. The duke has been adamant on that.”

While living in Canada, the Sussexes employed nine highly skilled British officers travelling between the UK and North America.

The bill for their security in Canada is believed to be around £8 million a year and is paid for by British taxpayers through the Metropolitan Police budget.

In Canada the couple also received protection from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The latest developments come as the couple announced Archewell, a new charitable organisation they are launching soon.

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