Published On: Sun, Jun 7th, 2020

Melania Trump news: Donald Trump’s wife and Ivanka Trump do this very differently

Melania Trump is the US First Lady and she has been married to Donald Trump since 2005. She is the step-mother of four children, including Ivanka Trump, 38. An expert explained what they do differently in public appearances.

She is the step-mother of Donald Trump Jr, 42, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, 36, and Tiffany Trump, 26.

Melania is likely to spend a lot of time with Ivanka as they both have political roles.

While Melania is the First Lady, Ivanka is a senior political advisor to her father.

Since Donald was inaugurated in 2017, both ladies have spoken at events and shared their views on political issues.

They both have powerful ways of communicating during these appearances, according to James Bryce, CEO and founder of communications analytics firm gweek.


He told “When we analysed both Ivanka and Melania’s earlier speeches, interestingly both women show they are competent, confident and eloquent speakers.”

The expert explained it is likely both women have used scripts to help them deliver their speeches effectively.

While Melania’s speaking technique has not changed much since Donald became President, Ivanka has become increasingly confident.

Melania may have taken training to help her maintain her confident delivery, the expert suggested.

He continued: “With Melania, there is very little change between the different clips – which in itself suggests that she has persisted with a rehearsed and scripted approach.

“I would suggest that Melania has had some training to allow her to deal with high-pressure situations. For instance, she speaks at a controlled, diligent pace and sticks to the plan – leaving little room for error in her delivery.

“It would be interesting to see how she fares without a script or teleprompter for support.”

While Melania’s style has not changed much, Ivanka has used new techniques when addressing crowds.

James said: “In the case of Ivanka, looking at her earlier speeches compared to her more recent ones, it’s possible she has had some professional training to boost her confidence in delivery.

“In her 2019 speech, she shares her ideas more efficiently; relying on a few key words to explain her meaning, as opposed to long sentences spoken at speed.

“There are also fewer hesitations in her speech, which suggests she is more confident.”

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