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The First Lady was quiet for weeks as the coronavirus crisis worsened in the US while her husband US President Donald Trump remained openly sceptical. But now Melania has opened up and begun tweeting about the virus on a daily basis. The FLOTUS has her own PSA which provided hope for US citizens and advised them to stay connected to friends and family.

She said: “While changes need to be made now, this is not how we’ll live forever. Our children will return to school, people will return to work, we will gather at the places of worship, concerts, and sporting events again.

“I urge you to stay connected to family and loved ones with video chats, phone calls, and social media.”

She said information about the outbreak was available at and

She added: “Stay safe and remember, while many of us are apart, we are all in this together.”

In the PSA, Melania can be seen standing in The White House with the American flag to her right side.

She is also wearing a simple, black turtle neck with her hair down in its signature waves.

However, despite Melania’s best intentions the PSA did not go down well with her online critics.

One user said: “Melania Trump releases coronavirus PSA: ‘This is not how we’ll live forever’ we know!

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Another said: “I cant wait to socially distance myself permanently from this band of disingenuous crooks in November.”

But other Twitter users were supportive of the FLOTUS.

One user said: “We LOVE our First Lady!

“Our first lady has fled a communist country, came to the US as an immigrant, became an American citizen, and now is our First Lady – she speaks five languages and exhibits grace on the world stage!

“She is the epitome of the American dream!”

Another said: “Thank you First Lady! thank you for being intelligent, thank you for having class!”

Dawn said: “Thank you for the words of encouragement @FLOTUS we are all in this together and hopefully soon we can all resume our normal lives.”

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