Published On: Mon, Jan 18th, 2021

Melania Trump to break US tradition as she snubs Jill Biden by refusing to give tour | World | News

Melania Trump, 50, has not reached out to incoming First Lady Jill Biden to give her a tour of the family residence. The tradition of giving a tour dates back to 1953 when Bess Truman gave Mamie Eisenhower a tour. The move has appeared as a snub to the Democratic family who are moving in.

CNN’s Kate Andersen revealed: “Melania Trump will become the first modern first lady not to invite the woman who will replace her to the White House for a walk-through of the private living quarters on the second and third floors.”

While a spokesperson for Mrs Biden confirmed Melania has not contacted her, according to

The tour usually comes when the outgoing president invites the incoming one to a meeting in the Oval Office.

But President Trump has not extended this invitation to Joe Biden.

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The highest death toll from coronavirus in the world and an economic fallout leaving millions jobless has compounded the turmoil of a bitterly-divided nation where democracy itself at times seemed in jeopardy.

It falls to Joe Biden to begin a repair job on a gargantuan scale when he enters the White House as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday.

The Democratic former vice-president to Barack Obama pitched his campaign as a “battle for the soul” of the nation and has been known for reaching across the divide to seal bipartisan agreement during his career in Congress.

Joe Robinette Biden Jr, who at the age of 78 will become the oldest president to take office, was born in Pennsylvania in 1942 to a Catholic family that can trace its roots back to Ballina, Ireland, from where his great, great, great grandfather – Edward Blewitt – left for America during the famine.

Mr Biden took the oath of office from their hospital room.

“For the first time in my life, I understood how someone could consciously decide to commit suicide,” he later said.

But “the bigger the highs, the deeper the troughs” he would say and he found tactics for coping with his grief, raising his two boys as he rose in seniority in the Senate.

He met Jill Jacobs on a blind date in 1975 and married the aspiring teacher two years later. They had a daughter, Ashley, in 1981.

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