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The manufacturer’s latest product the OV-1-B-Connect, featuring its signature style with external meters displaying the volume, offers wireless, high definition, active noise cancelling audio with an app to tailor the sound frequencies. Born out of parent company Ashdown Engineering and with an A-list clientele – Stevie Wonder is a fan, Meters’ latest innovation is a feast for geeks and musicians while promising deep, dynamic revelations for connoisseur and mainstream consumers, says founder and managing director Mark Gooday.

“Our 48 kHz sampling rates provide incredible and superior detail. The quality of the sound transmitted, its range, is not lost or compromised because of being streamed wirelessly,” he explains.

“With our Connect app and the headphones, the music can be truly personalised and the meters are calibrated to European safety levels. This showcases to others how loud the music being played is, which can help protect hearing. 

“That is proving very handy for parents or guardians of children or those with disabilities such as autism because they can easily check too.” 

The company’s adventures in sound take place in rural Essex where over the past 25 years family firm Ashdown has become the go-to guitar and bass amps manufacturer for superstars such as Sir Paul McCartney and the Foo Fighters. 

Seeing how the live music scene was changing, armed with protected IP in 2016 it diversified into headphones, a global market that has acquired a designer cachet akin to trainers and is now worth over £10 billion.

Son Dan is marketing director and the business, which employs 12 and sells in 50 countries, is forecasting a £20 million turnover by 2025 as it releases a product stream boosted by a recent £500,000 investment from Balder Capital, with more raises planned.

The flagship £324.99 headphones, made in China, are available from July, to be followed by the Level Up design for gamers and later this year a smaller, Bluetooth on-ear model. 

“We have invested hugely in the app because it gives customers the chance to choose a sound setting from their favourite artists and we have the freedom to produce updates and build a recognisable lifestyle global brand,” says Gooday.

“This will keep Meters at the forefront of a very competitive market dominated by household names with deep pockets.” 

Looking back Gooday does wish he had gone for bigger investment earlier on rather than the DIY approach he first took.  

He pays tribute however to the support received from the Music Industries Association and trade shows supremo Colin Holdsworth. Meters went down a storm at the NAMM Show earlier this year in Los Angeles, the world largest trade event for music products and professional audio.   

The father and son duo’s own eclectic playlists include Muddy Waters, DJ Shadow and Max Richter’s On the Nature of Daylight.

“Our look is distinctive,” says Gooday, “but ultimately it is our sound that sets us apart.”

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