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Michael Schumacher is continuing to recover from a devastating brain injury and his former Benetton and Ferrari boss Ross Brawn is praying the F1 legend can one day watch his son compete in motorsport’s premier competition, as he is set to make his debut next year.

Mick Schumacher has earned a seat with F1 team Haas after winning the F2 Drivers’ Championship this season.

The 21-year-old will have the eyes of the world watching his every move, being the son of a seven-time world champion.

However, it is unclear if Michael Schumacher will be watching as he continues to recover from a bad skiing accident in 2013.

Only doctors, family and close friends have been able to visit the German, who is recovering at home in Glad, Switzerland.

FIA president Jean Todt last week revealed Michael is being treated to be able to find “find a more normal life.”

And Brawn hopes the news means one day Michael can watch his son Mick compete in F1.

“Obviously it’s going to be exciting particularly with Mick coming in, which I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for,” Brawn told the F1 podcast. “So that’s going to be good.

“And I think it reminds us of the tragedy of Michael’s accident, because, how wonderful it would have been if Michael was able to participate in that.

“I mean, none of us know how much Michael is able to understand. But if he’d been part of that – and let’s hope and pray that one day, he might be – that would be very, very special.”

Being the son of one of F1’s greatest drivers will bring with it a unique set pressures.

“Mick is doing an amazing job under those circumstances, and with that famous name,” Brawn added.

“It opens doors, but it brings a lot of weight with it as well. The whole family is a great family, and a lovely family and I really hope Mick can succeed.”

When reflecting on the first time he met Mick, Brawn said: “He was racing a kart and all you could see was the helmet. The helmet looked as big as he did.

“So he must have been three or four or something like that, because it just looked like one of these cartoon characters, with the helmet going around on top of the kart. And that was literally all you could see!

“That was at his dad’s kart centre, as it was at the time. So that must have been 16-17 years ago.”

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