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Disney Plus is a platform fans have been anticipating for months. In the USA, fans have been able to watch The Mandalorian while the UK fans have waited. Now the streaming platform is almost here, what can fans look forward to on Disney +?

Disney + will have content from a huge range of sources – whether it be Star Wars, National Geographic or Marvel.

The platform exclusively broadcast The Mandalorian in the USA, meaning UK fans have been forced to wait to see the show.

But for those who will have the platform on their computer or smart TV from its arrival date, what movies are there to enjoy?

Here are our picks of the latest releases, many of which are ideal for families and children after schools have closed.

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Frozen 2

Fans flocked to the cinemas in November of last year to see the second and possibly final instalment to the Frozen franchise.

The film saw Anna and Elsa forced to protect their kingdom of Arendelle as more danger threatened their people.

The movie had a shorter release turnaround than usual, with the coronavirus at the centre of the film’s slightly early streaming release.

Toy Story 4

The fourth instalment in the Toy Story franchise really was a tearjerker in many unexpected ways.

The movie follows Woody and the gang as they find themselves trying to save their comrades after becoming trapped in an antique store.

And, since Disney owns rights to Pixar films, fans can enjoy it in the same place as Frozen.


This feel-good family film has divided critics, as it sees a boy become intrigued by a mysterious and quirky student named Stargirl, and spending his time trying to know more about her.

Variety critic Courtney Howard said: “While it suffers from a rocky beginning with burdensome amounts of kook and quirk, the unfolding spell it subtly casts holds profundity and wisdom.”

The movie is based on the young adult novel Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, so fans of that book will certainly be in for a treat.

Black Widow

This has not been confirmed for a Disney + release, but fans are really hoping Marvel movie Black Widow will arrive on the platform.

The film was meant to be released on May 1 around the world, and mark the first movie in Marvel’s Phase Four.

Its delay will mean all the other Marvel movies will be pushed back, so many fans are hoping this movie may make it to Disney Plus instead ahead of Eternals, the second film to be released from the studio in 2020.

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