News Quiz: Take part in today’s Express quiz and beat lockdown boredom – April 19 2020 | UK | News

Our new online quiz is a great challenge for all levels and abilities and focuses on the big events of the past week from the worlds of news and celebrity.

Are you up for the challenge?

Today’s brilliant quiz has been set by Assistant News Editor Nicole Stinson. So enjoy!

But if YOU think could do better email 10 news-based questions with 3 multiple choice answers each and if we think it’s a winner we’ll run it!

Feel free to also leave a message as to whether you thought today’s quiz was too easy, too hard, or indeed any thoughts at all!

And we don’t just have quizzes to help beat the lockdown blues! We have thousands of brilliant online games including sudokuword search and the world famous Express crusader crossword for you to try.

Our puzzles section lets you play all the latest crosswords every day or test yourselves with some of the best brain teasers around.

Quizzes: Did you know?

* The largest quiz was held with 4,900 participants in India at Allauddin Khan Stadium on June 18, 2017.

* The earliest known examples of the word ‘quiz’ date back to 1780 where it initially meant ‘joke’ or an eccentric person. It wasn’t until the 19th century that it adopted today’s meaning of a test.


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