NFL Draft 2020: Patriots fans left in hysterics after Bill Belichick is replaced by dog | NFL | Sport

NFL fans were left in hysterics during the second round of the NFL draft, after Bill Belichick was replaced by a dog during the live television broadcast. The New England Patriots coach left the room while the team was on the clock with their first pick.

The Patriots raised eyebrows when they traded out of the first round of the draft on Thursday.

They had the 23rd pick of the first round, but opted to send that pick to the Los Angeles Chargers instead.

In return, they were given the Chargers’ second and third round picks, meaning they made their first pick on Friday night.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the draft is being held virtually for the first time, allowing team officials to have cameras in their homes.

Coaches and team officials then livestreamed their picks in to the league, where commissioner Roger Goodell would announce the picks.

Thursday’s first round went without any real technical hitches, but the second round started with hilarity.

After the first four picks of the second round were made, the Patriots went on the clock for the first time.

However, as the camera cut to the inside of Belichick’s home, the coach was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, his dog was sat on a chair at the family’s dining room table, with the head coach not in sight.

This left fans in hysterics on Twitter, sa many joked that the coach had opted against taking part in the draft entirely.

One fan joked: “Belichick’s dog probably just drafted a future all-pro.”

“Show me in the rules where it says a dog can’t draft,” one joked.

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