Nicola Sturgeon faces coronavirus cover-up claims – SNP leader rattled as failures exposed | UK | News

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was savaged for her failure to protect Scottish citizens in the early stages of the coronavirus crisis. During the Monday Scottish coronavirus briefing, Sky News’ James Matthews quizzed Ms Sturgeon on whether she had failed in her duty of care to the country and to suppress the virus. This comes after the First Minister has faced accusations on suppressing the true severity of the outbreak in Scotland. 

Ms Sturgeon and her Government have defended the SNP’s initial response after it was revealed that a Nike conference that went ahead on February 26 and 27 resulted in 27 people, including eight Scottish people, contracting coronavirus.

Mr Matthews said: “First Minister I want to ask a question about the Nike conference in Edinburgh in late February and the aftermath of that.

“We learnt at the weekend that a number of local people in Edinburgh and Glasgow suffered symptoms of the coronavirus.

“They were not contact traced and they learnt about the outbreak at Nike through the media like everybody else.

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“Did you fail in your duty of care to them and did you fail in your effort to suppress the virus following the Nike conference?”

Ms Sturgeon argued she did not believe either statement was true and proceeded to explain how Scotland would continue to respond to the ongoing crisis.

She said: “No, I don’t believe either of those things are the case.

“I won’t rehearse all of the issues around patient confidentiality here, the reasons why that was so important.

“That is why patient confidentiality is not something that was applied to this though it is an important consideration in all of these things.

“The second point is that contact tracing was done religiously in this situation.

“An instant management team was set up to make sure the protection of public health was at the centre of how this was managed.”


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