Published On: Sat, Jan 16th, 2021

Nigel Farage blasts Boris Johnson over Covid travel corridor ban – ’10 months too late’ | UK | News

Nigel Farage says lockdown ‘doing greater harm to country’

The leader of the Brexit party criticised the Government for “getting tough” on coronavirus restrictions too slowly. Taking to Twitter, Mr Farage wrote: “The Government getting tough on foreign flights, it’s 10 months too late.”

It came after Mr Johnson suspended all travel corridors from 4am on Monday to protect the UK “against yet unidentified new strains”.

All travellers coming from countries where quarantining on arrival to the UK was no required will now have to self-isolate.

He added that all international arrivals would have to test negative for COVID-19.

During a Downing Street press briefing, Mr Johnson said: “It is vital to take these extra measures now when day by day, hour by hour, we are making such strides in protecting the population.”

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has blasted Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s UK travel corridor ban (Image: getty)

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage claimed the move is “10 months too late” (Image: Twitter )

The prime minister warned there are now more than 37,000 Covid patients in hospital across the UK.

He continued: “In spite of all the efforts of our doctors and nurses and our medical staff, we are now seeing cancer treatments sadly postponed, ambulances queueing, and intensive care units spilling over into adjacent wards.”

Mr Johnson urged the public to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

He added: “This is not the time for the slightest relaxation of our national resolve and our individual efforts.”

The announcement came as the UK registered 55,761 new COVID-19 cases on Friday.

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson warned there are now more than 37,000 Covid patients in hospital across the UK (Image: getty)

Britain also reported a further 1,280 deaths related to the coronavirus in the latest 24-hour period.

On Wednesday the UK recorded its highest daily coronavirus death figure since the start of the pandemic, reaching 1,564.

Mr Johnson also warned that 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms.

The travel corridor announcement came after the Government banned flights from South America and Portugal on Thursday over fears of a new Brazilian variant.

The prime minister said: “This means that if you come to this country, you must have proof of a negative Covid test that you have taken in the 72 hours before leaving and you must have filled in your Passenger Locator Form, and your airline will ask for proof of both before you take off.

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Coronavirus news

Coronavirus news: The UK registered 55,761 new COVID-19 cases on Friday (Image: getty)

“You may also be checked when you land and face substantial fines for refusing to comply.

“And, upon arrival, you must then quarantine for ten days – not leaving your home for any reason at all, or take another test on day 5 and wait for proof of another negative result.”

Mr Johnson warned that the Government will be “stepping up” enforcement both at the border and within the UK.

Experts warned a strain identified in Brazil may have been in the country for some time.

Professor Wendy Barclay, head of G2P-UK National Virology Consortium, a new project set up to study the effects of emerging coronavirus mutations, said one variant of COVID-19 found in Brazil has been traced in the UK.

UK coronavirus map

UK coronavirus map (Image:

But in a statement, Professor Barclay said the Brazilian variant detected in the UK was not the one giving cause for concern.

She said: “The new Brazilian variant of concern, that was picked up in travellers going to Japan, has NOT been detected in the UK.

“Other variants that may have originated from Brazil have been previously found.”

On Friday, the Government announced that over 3.2 million people across the UK had be vaccinated with a coronavirus jab.

Mr Johnson added: “It is precisely because we have the hope of that vaccine and the risk of new strains coming from overseas that we must take additional steps now to stop those strains from entering the country.”

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