No Money? How to Get Started for Free

No money? Don’t worry about it. There are ways to get started in affiliate marketing without spending a dime. And no matter how you get started your business can always evolve and grow so just because you got started on a free platform does not mean you have to stick with that forever.

In fact, your free webpages can bring in money that will help you grow your business and then can serve as assets by providing places for you to put links to your own websites, once you create them.

So let’s talk about all the places to get started for free. Actually, there is no way we could talk about every place there is to get started for free because the list is huge and growing every day. But we can talk about some of the better places to get started for free.

Starting a free blog would be a great idea. really is a great place to do this: 1) Google owns blogger and Google really does like blogger blogs. 2) when you start a blog at there aren’t any restrictions on you – for example if you started a blog at there would be a reception that you could not place commercial links on it. Blogger doesn’t do that to you. You can do anything that is legal on your blogger blogs.

The other great thing about starting a free blog is you are building your knowledge base. The more blogging platforms you use, the easier you will be able to figure out all the buttons on any new ones you try. Plus you will begin to understand blogs and the purpose of them better with every blog post you create.

Another wonderful place to get started is that meduim. Medium is a revenue share website that makes it very easy to create single webpages about a single topic. Medium also makes it very easy to link to Amazon and link to eBay and even if you happen to be in a state where you cannot be an Amazon associate you can use medium’s website in order to make commissions from Amazon sales.

One more thing that is really fantastic about medium is their community. Medium has a forum and some Facebook groups dedicated to them where other people who are creating pages on medium hang out. They will come to your lenses and check them out and give them social likes and shares if you go to their lenses and check them out and give them social likes and shares. This is very valuable.

Hubpages used to be a great place to create webpages like medium but these days Google doesn’t send them that much traffic so unless that changes I would stay away from them.  is another revenue share website.  If you sign up with Google AdSense, and you give xomba your Google AdSense code they will automatically rotate AdSense views between your AdSense code and they are AdSense code. This is how they share revenue. There are many sites that do it this way.

Many people have gotten their affiliate marketing start on  Write reviews and epinions pays you.  Easy!

So far all we’ve talked about are content sites – let’s throw a few video revenue share websites in here. The most popular one is YouTube of course but in order for you to be able to put ads on your videos they have to get tens of thousands of views before YouTube will invite you into the program. Let’s go for something easier. is a new and interesting concepts where you can get paid for making video reviews of products.

Honestly there are many revenue share websites out there. You could type revenue share website into Google and be busy for hours. Longtime affiliate marketers will tell you that revenue share websites are not worth it because they can take down your pages at any time for any reason and honestly this is true, but it happens a lot less often than people warning you it about this would think.

If a revenue share website is shying away from a certain topic or saying your pages are in violation of something, most likely they are doing it to stay in Google’s good graces. And if this is the reason, then you should pay attention, because you want to be in Google’s good graces too.

Regardless of the risks of revenue share websites, they are still a great place to get started and to learn the ropes and basics of affiliate marketing. As soon as you have made some money, nothing would be smarter than going out and starting your own website. But if you don’t have any money to start with then starting a free blog or starting with a revenue share website is a brilliant way to go.

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