North Korea accuses US of ‘spraying coronavirus’ on items being sent into country | World | News

A source in South Pyongan Province told newspaper Daily NK that the authorities are disseminating the idea that the US and South Korea caused coronavirus in the secretive state. They revealed that a coronavirus prevention session was held during a recent administrative unit meeting, where a lecturer warned attendees of the threat from other nations.

The newspaper claimed that the lecturer told attendees that the US and South Korea are “spraying the coronavirus on various items” before sending them to North Korea.

The lecturer also said that North Koreans should “be alert” and if they discover any unusual items they should not touch them and be sure to report it immediately, the source added.

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North Korea’s current regime is focusing on “ideological education “ while the country tackles economic hardship as the Sino-North Korean border is closed and international relations remain tough.

After speculation of Kim Jong’s death the North Korean state media continues to try and emphasise the importance of “patriotism”.

For the country having ideological unity is important as a socialist nation.

North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun published an editorial on April 29 stating that the main motivator of state development is “the ideological and spiritual strength of the masses”.

The article urged that “…all party members and other working people should cherish absolute loyalty to the party and ardent patriotism and fully discharge their responsibilities and duties in the grand revolutionary advance for building a powerful socialist country”.

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A new hospital being built in Pyongyang is all part of the propaganda effort, he told the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea.

The state has previously denied the presence of coronavirus within its borders.

North Korea has previously claimed, “there is not even one infected person in our republic.”

Contesting this claim was Kim Myong, who held a senior government role in North Korea, and said it was “absurd lies” to claim the country had no cases when the true number “very likely… exceeds imagination.”

He said: “In March, Kim Jong-un unexpectedly launched a project to build the Pyongyang General Hospital and appeared at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“Since then, North Korean media has been ramping up propaganda, praising his leadership and the superiority of the socialist health system.

“However, no one truly believes that propaganda anymore.

“All of this propaganda and glorification of the leader is paradoxically an indication that Kim Jong-un has something to hide and is fearful of the wavering hearts and minds of the population.”

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