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Oasis was a band which, during its time, reinvented British rock and pop music. The Gallagher brothers were at the forefront of the band, with their squabbling at the centre of press coverage of the band. Eventually, the group split in 2009 after almost 20 years together – but could their hiatus be about to come to an end?

On Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer, the football star speaks to Liam Gallagher along with his presenting co-stars, Maya Jama and Alex Horne.

Liam was very candid in this interview, where he spoke out on reunion rumours, his own part in starting a Twitter flare-up with his brother, Noel, and when he accidentally set his brother’s house on fire.

When asked by Peter about a potential reunion, Liam reacted in his characteristically sarcastic way, making sure to throw in some jibes at his brother, Noel.

When asked whether he and Noel will ever makeup, Liam replied: “I’m ready to go man, love is in the air.”

Maya asked him about his tweet which promised an Oasis reunion for the NHS, to which Liam replied: “Yeah. I know he’s [Noel] not gonna do it.

“So I do it to make him look f*g as bad as…. But I’ll do it.

“I think it’s time now man to get off the naughty step and stop sulking.”

“It would be [amazing to get back together]. Don’t know how long it would last and that but….”

When asked if there was a chance for Oasis to reunite, Liam added: “I don’t know, you’d have to ask him mate.

“I told you my bags are packed. I’m ready to go man but … I think he’s uh…I don’t know what going on in his world.

“I just wanna keep making good music – singing those Oasis songs, waiting for the little fella to come in with a box of chocolates and apologise.”

Needless to say, Noel will likely look unfavourably at some of Liam’s comments and has generally tried not to speak out too much in response to his brother’s Twitter tantrums.

Also in the interview, speaking about a trip to Ibiza, Liam admitted to almost burning down a house which was ‘leant’ to him for his trip.

He said: “Yeah man, so I get there, I’m getting a bit giddy and I’ve gone, ‘this is nuts innit’, got the drinks out, got a cig out, and it was like right on the sea, and I lit up and then I flicked it, it’s gone down the cliff…and the next minute there’s loads of fire.

“We’ve not even unpacked our bags so I’m there running out with loads of pots and pans just launching at it because you couldn’t go down to it, I’d only been there about 10 minutes…”

Luckily no one was hurt, but at least fans know Liam is still dedicated to making music his fans will enjoy.

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer airs at 9:15pm on Saturday, June 13 on BBC One

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