One Direction reunion: Harry Styles’ ‘secret’ meeting with Louis excites fans | Music | Entertainment

A fan recently told of a friend telling them they had met Styles and Tomlinson in Italy in May of 2019.

This instantly began a number of rumours that the band could be working on some new material – or at the very least, discussing it.

The fan tweeted: “Ok so I laughed at a funny tweet or whatever and my co worker asks me what I’m laughing at so I’m just like ‘it’s a Harry Styles thing nbd’.” (sic)

They added: “And she goes ‘omg I met him once!’ so I’m like [side-eye emoji] and she’s like ‘yeah last year! and one of his old band mates was with him’. So at this point I had to sit down because like what… so I said ‘oh which one?’ and she said ‘yeah Louis I think?’.

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