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***WARNING: Spoilers for Outlander season 5 episode 6 ahead***

The latest instalment in the series adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s time-travel historical novels really ramps up the action for fans. Roger MacKenzie finally steps up in the role his father-in-law Jamie Fraser gave him, and Claire Fraser dives into the whisky trade on the Ridge. But there’s one very pivotal moment translated from Outlander book five, The Fiery Cross, which left book-readers feeling deeply frustrated.

In the fifth novel, Jamie is left incredibly jealous when he learns newcomer Phillip Wylie has taken a liking to Claire.

In a passionate scene that takes place outdoors in the barn, Jamie feels the need to exert his manhood and the pair end up lovemaking akin to the moments of the first book.

But the show toned it down, and in fact, Jamie showed no real jealousy at all.

Frustrated by the changes, fans took to Reddit to discuss their disappointment on how the long-awaited moment played out.

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Fan Purple4199 began: “FINALLY Roger got a win! I didn’t mind that they changed it around to him using smoke to clear the fields rather than have Claire burn them. I don’t feel that changes the story much, if at all.

“I really loved that they kept in Jamie’s line to Claire about watching while he took her. Goodness that was hot.

“I didn’t love Claire being the one trying to set up the whisky trade with Wylie. It just seemed more natural coming from Jamie in the book. Also, Forbes you are a sneaky rat!”

“I’m still not sure how they even did it, lol,” another replied. “I love a good Jamie and Claire love scene and was very happy to see the SSC rating at the start of the show. But really they should have dropped the first S because no. It had potential but completely lacked fire and I’m disappointed.

“What the hell is going on with these two? I don’t care if it was different than the book, I do care if it’s hot. Don’t even bother if that’s what it’s going to be.”

A third argued: “I thought Jamie in particular was pretty damn hot. That look he gives Claire just before he kisses her… Wow.”

But the previous fan was adamant the scene wasn’t what it could have been, noting: “Yes I agree with that and the kiss on her neck afterwards was too. I just wanted more passion.”

“I agree, this scene had so much potential,” another disappointed viewer admitted. “Even though they had their clothes on didn’t mean it couldn’t have been more sensual. Anybody remember the campfire scene before Jamie took her to the stones?! That ranks up there as one of the hottest love scenes for me.”


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Another fan attempted to explain the group’s confusion, declaring: “What was missing was Jamie’s jealousy. Even though he knew Claire having any interest in Mr. Wylie was silly, seeing another man do that to her brought out something in him very much like it did in the first book.”

“I agree! This is one of the hottest scenes in the books, and while this show version wasn’t bad… it didn’t live up to the books,” another conceded.

Continuing to debate how the scene played out, it was eventually agreed that if Jamie had simply seen Phillip Wylie kiss his wife, it would have totally changed the tone and escalated the drama to the level many fans would have craved.

“I agree, too. No reason Claire could not have been in her shift,” one person offered. “She obviously went out to barn because she could not sleep. Jamie also could have taken his vest off.

“A camera angle from below or above could have made it a lot hotter without showing any more skin. And the rings should have gone on her hands first.”

Finally, someone simply joked: “No, the book did it much better. But then that would mean we were watching a different kind of show. ;-).”

Outlander season 5 continues Sundays on STARZ and follows Mondays on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Book 9 in Diana Gabaldon’s book series, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, is expected to be released later this year.

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