Outsourcing and Affiliate Sales, What you Need to Know

Some people will tell you that outsourcing is the key to Internet Marketing.  This is true and this is not true.  Let’s talk about when it will apply to you.

If you are a beginning affiliate marketer or internet marketer outsourcing is probably not something that should be on your radar at this point for the most part.  Someone who is just starting out should be creating their own content and putting up their own websites and publishing their own blog posts.

The biggest reason for this is to get a really good feel for what each of these processes takes.  You want to know how long something takes and what the basic steps involved in finishing it are or you will never be able to properly price or explain these things to an outsourcer.

There are some exceptions to this.  If you have a very specific vision for a website that you just cannot create on your own or you need some sort of a technical plugin or piece of software created and you just don’t have the skills then it may be your best option to pay someone to create this for you.  Especially if you do have a budget to get started and you do have experience in hiring people.

But essentially, in this article, I am talking about outsourcing things like content creation and link creation.  When will this be something that you should look into.

In my opinion, a good time to start outsourcing content creation and link creation is when you have a steady income – no matter what that steady income is.  When you are bringing in $100 a month or $1000 a month each month, go ahead and take a percentage of that and use it to start outsourcing your content creation or your new website creation or whatever takes the most work for you and whatever makes the most sense to be outsourced in your business.

There are some affiliates that have gotten to the point where they outsource everything and they are just the guy or gal behind the scenes orchestrating all the moving pieces and envisioning the final product.  These are truly super affiliates in that they have built a true business that they do not have  to work in.  They just run it.

This is a business that is truly worth a lot of money because all the pieces are in place an anyone could pick up the business and continue to make money with it without having to do all the work.

This is the kind of thing that you do want to strive for, and if you can take a portion of your profits from the beginning and start learning how to find good outsourcers and how to incorporate outsourcers into your business the faster your business will grow.

So Where Can You Find Good Outsourcers?
Elance and guru.com are great places to look for outsources.  Once you find someone who is good and can finish products to your specifications you may want to try to develop a private relationship with him or her.  This isn’t necessary, but it may work well for your business.

You may also want to ask around in an internet marketing forum and see who comes highly recommended and for what reasons.  Some of these forums may also have a ‘for hire’ section where you can find people advertising their services.  At a forum it is easy to check around and see what other members think of these people so this is a good option.

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