Published On: Mon, Sep 20th, 2021

Parents quit their jobs to help daughter pursue YouTube stardom – kid now worth over £73m | Personal Finance | Finance

The rise of child stars like Diana and Roma have been a hypothetical gold mine for toy manufacturers, app creators and many other industries aimed at children, once they are able to put familiar faces like Diana’s onto their products it becomes an almost instant best-seller.

Many parents of generation alpha have picked up on this trend too, sometimes resorting to disturbing lengths to get their children noticed on the video platform.

Caoimhe McGonagle for Bella Baby commented on the topic of child YouTube stars: “Over the last few years we have seen a boom in the number of kids influencers online. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform, these kids are creating content for their peers.

“These kids are sharing their hobbies and lives online, and by doing so, are marketing products through various paid partnerships with affiliate brands.”

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