Piers Morgan says Trump ‘living his worst nightmare’ after ‘savage’ attack | World | News

In his article, Mr Morgan also pointed to “two more hefty shovels of dirt onto his presidential grave”, with the certification of the Electoral College vote and Russia’s acknowledgement of Mr Biden’s victory.

Referencing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call to Mr Biden, where he said he was “prepared for interaction and contact with you”, Mr Morgan suggested it may be “final lethal dagger to the heart of Trump’s resistance”.

The GMB host added: “Oh, he can stumble on for a few more weeks yet, ranting and raving about how the election was stolen from him, with no evidence to support that claim.

“He can continue bleating about the voting system being rigged, again with no evidence to back it up.

“And he can tweet himself digitally hoarse with ever more outlandish allegations that Twitter now marks as fake news almost immediately they’re posted. But none of it will matter or change anything.”

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