PIP rates 2021: Are PIP payments going up next year? | Personal Finance | Finance

Personal Independence Payment is a crucial benefit for many in the UK and is designed for those with disabilities who may need extra help paying for care and other needs. It is available to those in and out of work who with long term health conditions that affect how well a person can perform a range of everyday tasks.

If you have been struggling with your health throughout the pandemic and think you may need extra help, you could be eligible for PIP.

PIP can be paid on top of Universal Credit without it impacting other benefits – meaning it can create a substantial boost to welfare support.

Benefits like Universal Credit have been increased for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, as hundreds of thousands sign on for the benefit after losing their jobs.

Unfortunately, PIP has not increased in line with UC, but that doesn’t mean the benefit will not increase in the future.

Usually, benefits would go up with inflation, to reflect the increasing cost of living.

Disability benefits were not affected by the freeze installed by then Chancellor George Osbourne.

Benefits were raised by 1.7 percent – although there is no guarantee it will go up again in April, there is no freeze on the increase of benefits currently.

However, the Tory Government could choose to freeze benefits once again in light of the coronavirus pandemic making a big dent in the Treasury’s pockets.

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