Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2020

PMQs latest: Boris Johnson to face Kier Starmer in big return to PMQs | UK | News

The Prime Minister will return to the Commons for Westminster’s set-piece event on Wednesday, a day after the UK’s official death toll became the highest in Europe. Labour leader Kier Starmer is expected to question Boris Johnson on the Government’s response to the croronavirus crisis on the return.

The Labour leader is expected to pressure Mr Johnson to set out a detailed plan on easing the lockdown.

It will be the first time Mr Johnson has taken questions in Parliament since returning to Downing Street after battling coronavirus himself.

Mr Johnson has not taken questions in the Commons since March 25 before Parliament broke early for Easter as MPs struggled to social distance.

Boris Johnson has meanwhile been recovering at the Chequers country estate after being discharged from intensive care.

He recently welcomed his new born son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas with fiance Carrie Symonds on April 29.

Now he is set to face a number of questions regarding the handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Though more than 32,000 have died in the UK during the pandemic, the rate has been slowing.

The PM is expected to unveil his “roadmap” of future steps later this week.

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The route out of lockdown will depend on how successfully the Government can implement a contact-tracing programme to ensure infected individuals enter quarantine.

This will be aided by an NHS app, which Health Secretary Matt Hancock has defended against warnings of an impingement on civil liberties.

“We’ve all had to give up significant infringements on our liberty – for instance, with the social distancing measures and the lockdown – and we want to release those, and this approach will help us to release them,” he told the BBC.

Meanwhile, health fears have begun to arise once again for the Prime Minister.

Despite being back on duty, the Prime Minister has only conducted one public appearance at a press briefing last Thursday.

This has lead some members of the public to wonder if he rushed back too soon.

Due to his absence, questions have been raised as to whether the Prime Minister is still recovering despite leaving hospital.

In his first and only briefing since his return from his illness last week, some also questioned the Prime Minister health, claiming he appeared “breathless”.

Another person said: “Boris Johnson had a severe near-critical case of coronavirus.

“He was very ill. There can be a long tail recovery.

“He is not physically or emotionally able to work.”

After Dominic Raab led today’s 5pm press briefing, another person worried: “Where’s Boris?”

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