Published On: Mon, Oct 11th, 2021

Police find shark-infested swimming pool at a Sussex flat: ‘You think you’ve heard it all’ | UK | News

Sussex Police were called to the Haywards Heath flat on Friday and were reportedly shocked to see an 8ft aquarium had been constructed in the property’s front room. Officers also found an artificial Christmas tree in the middle of the pool.

Inspector Darren Taylor said the Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Policing team confirmed the constabulary’s shocking discovery on Twitter.

According to the Brighton-based newspaper, the Argus, the Inspector said: “Just when you think you have heard it all.

“Team attended a premises over the weekend, only to discover a 8ft swimming pool in the front room.

“In the swimming pool (apart from water) were small sharks swimming around and an artificial Christmas tree in the middle!

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“I kid you not!”

Inspector Taylor, who was reportedly operating under the username @InspectorDarren, has since deleted his Twitter account.

Despite the commotion, it is unknown if the small sharks were the cause of the disturbance.

The Sun reports Sussex Police are now speaking to the local housing association to find out if the tenancy agreement permitted the ownership of the underwater residents.

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“It was so strong it almost pulled me into the sea.

“I thought it was going to break the line but after 20 minutes and an intense workout, I managed to get it on to the beach.”

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