Premier League’s problems in latest meeting just the start if season has to be scrapped | Football | Sport

When that document is finally published, it may start to focus a few minds.

The official view that there has been a unanimous determination to get the season finished since the pandemic first struck is the only sense of solidarity that has come from this entire process.

Paul Barber, the chief executive at Brighton, has very much been the public voice of the various boardrooms during the lockdown, thanks to the club’s proactive media policy.

He makes no bones about his responsibilities: club first, then Premier League and then football as a whole.

Ultimately, the clubs are in competition with each other, so when asked to pull in the same direction, the fit is not always a comfortable one.

They just need to get playing against each other again.

But if they cannot, for any reason?

That is when the behind-closed-doors battles will begin in earnest.

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