Prince Charles: Prince Louis birthday photos reveals heartbreaking contrast

Body language expert Judi James analysed images of Charles with Louis, and Charles with his own children, Prince William and Prince Harry, when they were young. She claimed there are some stark differences.

“Of all the royals that would create a pose most epitomising the current yearning for grandparents to hug their own grandchildren during the lock-down, Prince Charles was probably the least likely and yet here he is looking positively lost in the moment as little Louis wraps his arms round his grandad’s neck,” Judi explained.

Many will remember Prince Charles as a father interacting with his young children.

He appeared to adopt the old-fashioned style of parenting, expected of members of the Royal Family in those days. However, it came in contrast to his more modern, younger wife, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Judi said: “Whether Charles is a tactile man in private or not his public body language displays have often been a reflection of his upbringing as a more old-fashioned, hands-off royal.

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“Diana seemed to put a lot of effort into changing that, but the public hugs for their own sons always seemed to come from her rather than her husband.

“When the boys were born Charles was given them to hold outside the hospital but, dressed in his formal jacket and tie, he appeared to pick them from Diana’s arms like delicate porcelain vases wrapped in blankets and then hand them back with an air of relief.

“Like his own father did with him, Charles seemed to adopt the rather practical one arm, one hip method of carrying his boys over the years after that, and although his approached did seem geared to ensuring they were able to be seen by the cameras, his touch often looked awkward and Diana would often be watching as though she were the instigator.

“Like a lot of men of his era, Charles often seemed to have left the cuddling and play to his wife.”

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Similarly, Charles maintained this attitude into they boys’ adolescence.

After the death of their mother, William and Harry often seemed to offer Charles support, instead of the other way around, according to the body language expert.

Judi said: “After Diana died and the boys grew older there were even clues that William and Harry had adopted their mother’s role of urging Charles to be more tactile in public.

“One rather sad pose of the three skiing shows Charles sitting in the middle with one hand down and the other on his hip while a much taller William places a rather awkward-looking arm round his shoulders in an unreciprocated hug of affection.”

The image of Prince Charles wrapping his arms around his young grandson was taken by Kate Middleton, who has an interest in photography after studying art history at university.

It appears to be loved by Charles himself, as well as fans.

In fact, the photograph sits pride of place in his Scottish home where he has been socially distancing with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

His array of family photos were on show when he rang in via a video link to the BBC on April 3.

The collection includes pictures with his sons Prince William and Harry, and what looks like an photograph of his beloved niece Zara Tindall cross-country jumping.

Fans cooed over the images, with one Twitter user saying: “Look at the pure joy on his face. So much love.”

Another wrote: “This photo is precious.”

During the TV appearance, Charles praise the NHS for the speedy work in building the emergency hospital.

He said: “It is without doubt a spectacular and almost unbelievable feat of work in every sense, from its speed of construction in just nine days to its size and the skills of those who have created it.”

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