Prince Harry v William: Body language shows Harry ‘rebel’ against Will’s ‘protective ways

She added: “This was great to watch, although the banter and teasing often seemed to have fuelled their more competitive traits.

“Like all sibling teasing there were body language signs of potential flashpoints though when the joking touched nerves, and as Harry got older and became a bit of a military hero, the way William still spoke to him as though he were a teenager possibly prompted some of Harry’s recent moves to prove himself as an independent family man with a global power base of his own.”

As well as being playmates and sparring partners, Judi claimed there was a paternal element between the two brothers growing up.

She said: “The second set of bonds were primarily parent/son.

“William’s body language always looked protective of Harry before Diana died and after her death, there were several signs that this more responsible brother grew in maturity and stepped up to become a father figure to his own brother.”

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