Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Putin news: Outrageous way Vladimir Putin protected himself in ‘Scarface city’ exposed | World | News

Following the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and then the Soviet Union in 1991, Mr Putin returned home to St Petersburg in Russia having served in the East German city of Dresden. The downfall of the bloc caused deep upset for the KGB agent, as he has expressed multiple times during his presidency. In Channel 4’s ‘Putin: A Russian Spy Story’, Kremlin analyst Alex Rahr says: “I don’t think he welcomed these changes.”

“He knew he had to return back from the GDR, a country which didn’t exist anymore, back to St Petersburg with his wife and two daughters.”

But after 1991, the city where Putin grew up had descended into violence worse than what was seen in Thirties Chicago – where infamous gangster Al Capone, or Scarface, ruled the roost.

“When the institutions lost their ability to function, of course the criminality is rising” former KGB foreign operations officer Vladimir Yakunin said on the 2019 documentary.

Franz Sedelmayer supplied equipment to Russian police at the time, and he compared the violence to the famous film starring Al Pacino.

He said: “There were killings every single day. They had bombings nearly every single day.

“There’s people being killed left and right – It’s pretty much comparable to Chicago in the Thirties.

“And probably Chicago was not as violent as Russia.”

In 2018, Mr Putin admitted that he slept with a gun by his side during the violent period in order to protect himself.

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By then the city had fallen under the control of a number of organised criminal groups such as Tambov Gang, Malyshev Gang, Kazan Gang and ethnic criminal groups, engaged in racket, extortion, paying off local government and violent clashes with each other.

Mr Putin had experienced unrest during his time in East Germany, sparking an unconfirmed story that he threatened to shoot protestors targeting a KGB office.

One demonstrator present at the time told the BBC that “an officer emerged” from the building and was “quite small, agitated”.

The demonstrator added: “He said to our group, ‘Don’t try to force your way into this property. My comrades are armed, and they’re authorised to use their weapons in an emergency.'”

This provoked the group to withdraw from the area.

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