Putin rocked as Russians ‘stranded’ after ‘magic explosions’ in Crimea | World | News

Major John Spencer said “magic explosions” at a Russian ammunition depot and air base in Crimea have made Russia “weaker every day for this war” as the attacks resulted in the loss of “millions and millions of dollars [in ammunitions and military equipment] that Russians can’t replace”. Referring to the current Ukrainian counter-attack in Kherson, he forecasted “if the troops in Kherson can be cut off, [Russian forces] may give up”, resulting in a “major win” for Ukraine. 

Referring to the explosions in Crimea, Mr Spencer told Times Radio: “Russia is weaker because of that one really important strike and the same thing with the ammunition depot.

“Russia gets weaker every day of this war.

“This isn’t Russia, this is Crimea, this is Russian-occupied Ukraine.

“The Black Sea Fleet is more vulnerable without these Navy aircrafts, up to ten naval aircrafts, millions and millions of dollars that the Russians can’t replace.

“Their fleet, the actual ships, are now more vulnerable without those.

“To send Russia a message that they can hit that deep into Russian-occupied area, hundreds of kilometres from the front line, sends a bunch of signals about the battle of Kherson about to happen.

“It’s a message that Russian can’t hide from their citizens.

“As you see, massive amounts of Russians who are on vacation in Crimea are clogging up the reads, trying to get over the Kerch Bridge.”

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