Queen Elizabeth II brooch: Royal has special jewellery piece worth £9million

Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery collection is amongst the most impressive and expensive in the world. With different brooches, earrings and necklaces, the monarch often shows them off on special occasions. Many of the pieces hold great sentimental value, with a number of brooches now being worth a fortune. One expert has shared the historical significance and price behind some of the Queen’s most precious jewels.

The expert also estimated the evaluation of the jewel to be in the millions.

He explained: “It is very likely that the sapphire was sourced from Burma and I would therefore estimate it at £9,000,000, should this go to auction today.”

Queen Victoria wore this brooch on her wedding dress and it has become a staple in the Queen’s wardrobe of brooches.

As well as Her Majesty matching the colour of her brooches to her outfits, some of them are also linked to the events she attends.

“This Unguicularis Iris is tied to the Chelsea Flower Show. It is made of recycled gold and ethically sourced sapphires, tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds, including a central yellow diamond.”

The unique piece also contains a large amount of sapphires, which has a significant meaning to the Queen.

Alex added: “In fact, there are 60 sapphires representing every year she had been on the throne.”

In total, there is a single large yellow diamond in the centre, 30 tourmalines, 20 amethysts, 15 diamonds, and 60 sapphires.

The expert also valued this piece to now be worth a fortune.

He said: “At the time, the cost of this piece was £40,000, however being such an unusual piece, I would estimate the value of this piece to be around £100,000.”

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