Queen Elizabeth II news: Monarch wears bright red in moving tribute for frontline workers

The Queen wore a red wool coat with braiding details around the collar and on the pockets. Her smart hat matched exactly, with braiding around the brim.

Robert Hardman, the Queen’s biographer, quoted the Queen as saying: “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.”

Kate added the Queen’s earrings to her look, wearing a mysterious pair of gems.

The jewels featured a diamond flower stud, a hanging frame and then seperate stones hanging within them.

The Queen wore them for the 2012 State Opening of Parliament, although it is not known where they come from.

A body language expert claimed the royal outing showed the Queen is “still the undisputed head” of the Royal Family with powerful body language, which is “hugely impressive to watch”. 

“It’s fascinating to see how the Queen is still emphatically still the undisputed head of the royal Firm, with that status looking not just titular but also physically visible, which is a remarkable feat at her age,” Judi said.

“Dressed in striking and very confident scarlet here, the Queen stands alone, with both her outfit and the space around her signaling high levels of power.

“She is also the only one of the royal line-up not succumbing to the bitter temperatures.”

Kate Middleton also attended the event, wearing a blue coat with a fur trim. 

Kate’s coat is a version of a green Catherine Walker number, which she wore on her trip to Ireland. In Ireland she paired the coat with an Alessandra Rich dress.

Kate wore black boots and black gloves with the ensemble to beat the cold.

She also wore a pair of the Queen’s earrings.

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