Published On: Sun, Aug 16th, 2020

Queen Elizabeth II: Used jewellery to snub Donald Trump not once but twice

During the programme, royal expert discussed the significance of the Queen’s jewels. This included one political moment at which the Queen appeared to wear two brooches some might have deemed inappropriate.

But, the brooch was not a personal present. Susie added: “That would have been a gift from the American people via the president by the head of their country.

“She’s managed to be rude to Trump while making him think she was honouring him. It’s amazing.”

The next day the Queen went on to wear her famous diamond snowflake brooch.

This brooch was a gift was Canada, a country with a political regime Donald Trump is also not thought to be fond of.

Royal journalist Katie Nicholl said: “One might have been an oversight, but two and you think the Queen might be sending a subtle message.”

The Queen is not the only royal to wear meaningful brooches.

Princess Anne’s brooch for a recent event has belonged to the Princess Royal for over 50 years. 

Made of gold, the brooch is studded with diamonds.

It is shaped like a loose ribbon which curls in on itself in an abstract loop.

The earliest image of Anne sporting the piece is in 1969, when the Royal Family welcomed Colonel Frank Borman, the American astronaut who served as commander of the Apollo 8 mission, to Buckingham Palace.

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