Queen Elizabeth II: Why does the Queen always wear gloves?

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for almost 70 years, and the 94-year-old knows how to make an entrance. Known for her bright colours and matching clothes from top to toe, the Queen is easy to spot when she’s in front of huge crowds. But have you noticed the Queen almost always wears gloves? The reason behind it is actually very simple.

Why does the Queen always wear gloves?

The Queen has proven to be two steps ahead of the rest of us.

While it took the coronavirus pandemic for most to think about germs when shaking hands with others, the Queen has had this in mind for years.

The reason she wears gloves when out on public duties, is to avoid the exposure to germs as she shakes a lot of hands.


She said: ”They’re number one: style. Number two: practical.”

Cornelia James received a Royal Warrant as the official glove manufacturer to the Queen in 1979.

Genevieve estimates the brand has made approximately 60 to 70 pairs of new gloves for the Queen.

Each pair of gloves reportedly takes about 45 minutes to make.

But although the Queen has had a fair share of gloves throughout the years, she isn’t wasteful.

Genevieve told Reader’s Digest: “I think the royal family wants to be seen as being economical, not wasting money on things like that.”

The Queen has reportedly kept some of the gloves, which cost £110 a pair, for up to 40 years.

And when she does take them off, according to Bustle.com, there is a specific way to do it too.

The website wrote: “You have to take them off when you’re eating (even if it’s just a quick canapé or nosh), and they’re forbidden at the dinner table.

“To take them off, you have to pull them finger by finger, and then rest them on your lap underneath your napkin.”

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