Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2020

Queen Letizia: King Felipe VI wife not wearing engagement ring worth £20,000

Queen Letizia’s engagement ring was a more unusual style than the engagement rings that are most popular today, thinner bands with a large stone or large cluster of stones. Letizia’s ring, however, is a platinum or white could hand with 16 vertically set baguette cut diamonds.

The stylish royal was wearing a ring on her left hand during a royal visit yesterday, however, it was a minimal piece on her right index finger.

She sometimes wears the same ring on the ring finger of that hand.

Letizia has been seen wearing other rings on the ring finger of her left hand, including a chunky gold ring on August 25 last year.

In October 2011 she was spotted wearing a large white gold and diamond ring on her ring finger, but it was not her original engagement ring.

The original design saw three diamonds sat on a plain golden band.

The Duchess of Sussex changed the band from modest gold to a pave diamond band.

A pave diamond band sees small diamonds set all around the band.

Some also suggested the design had switched the centre stone for a different cut.

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