Queen’s Brian May on what being voted Greatest Rock Guitarist of All Time means to him | Music | Entertainment

Last week, Brian May was voted the Greatest Rock Guitarist of All Time. The poll was taken by Total Guitar magazine’s readers and the Queen legend beat the likes of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. Since this announcement fellow guitarists, Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt have praised the 72-year-old’s talent.

The Queen guitarist reflected: “It’s a nice little game to play, and I’m very grateful for the outcome and grateful to @totalguitar.

“But the nicest thing about guitar playing is that there IS no ‘greatest’.

“We all bring different things to it, even when we are beginning.

“One of the greatest things about having made the guitar the centre of my life has been that I’ve had the chance to work up close with so many incredible players and get to know them as musicians, and as human beings.”

May added: “In my mind, you all deserve this award more than I do.

“But, just for a moment, I’m happy and honoured … thanks folks.

“And huge special thanks Nuno and Steve. You are giants !”

The Queen legend has been suffering through some health problems, including a minor heart attack, in lockdown – but remains resilient; continuing to play micro-concerts for his fans on Instagram.

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